Makeover Monday Attempts


Avocados in the United States

In this example, I wanted to showcase a couple of things for my students.  How to build an interactive ‘filter’ selection with a shape, an actionable map, and how to show the current and previous rolling in one graphic.

I learned that before any of the fancy stuff with the bells and whistles, we need to focus on data analysis.  The issue that I saw more often than not was the users were showing items on the map that are not logically related.  They would show the Small, Large, and XL bags and the Totals on the same graph.

This is quite busy and I took most of the time trying to find out how to plot the flat hierarchy across a map.  The data had ‘regions’,  California, South, Texas, New York, All.  It took going to their site and looking at the states that are binned in each actual region to create the map.  Too much work and time spent on that.