People to watch

Here are some great Tableau and visualization people to follow, read, and study:

  1. Ryan Sleeper
    Book – Practical Tableau 100 Tips
  2. Andy Cotgreave
    Book – Big Book of Dashboards
  3. Eva Murray 
  4. Ken Flerlage
    Has a great blog and posts about SQL and Tableau.  Very insightful.
  5. Jeffrey Shaffer Data + Science
  6. Ann Jackson
  7. TN State Data Center
  8. Mark Jackson
    His personal site has some GREAT ideas and dashboards for Enterprise Reporting Platforms that he has implemented using Tableau.  He also uses Tableau to connect to his server to monitor jobs and his server health.
  9. Matt Francis
  10. WorkSafeBC
    This is a cool one that uses shapes and objects to create a polished ‘product’ feel to their dashboards
  11. Andy Kriebel
    partners with Eva Murray to run MakeoverMonday and is one of the most prolific users online.  Great resource
  12. Ben Sullins
  13. Steve Wexler
    If you have any evaluation graphs or scores to build – REVIEW this guy
  14. Joe Mako
  15. Allan Walker