Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Tableau

William Sadler

Mathematician, Computer Scientist, Renaissance Man

Bill is a Mathematician, Computer Scientist and Developer with 30+ years of experience spanning a gamut that ranges from Z80 assembly to modern real time devices, to mobile devices, and all the way up to enterprise wide DoD systems and on to the AWS and Azure clouds. His specialty is in mathematical optimization, artificial intelligence and machine learning on GPU architectures. His preferred environment is Linux (Ubuntu flavored) with the QT ide, but will work in Visual Studio and .NET if he has to, and will work with Xcode if there is sufficient bribery involved. He still prefers C/C++ but in recent years has stooped to doing R and Python.

Most recently his work has involved adopting AI / ML algorithms for parallel execution on nVidia graphics with the CUDA libraries, he is currently with State of Tennessee doing advanced analytics projects for the Center of Excellence for Data.